If you want to learn to feel better no matter where you are starting from, you have found the right place.


I am Barb Ryan, M.S and I am the Guidess of Happiness. I teach many ways to uplift your emotions with ease. Through classes, workshops, my signature “Night of Insight”, and public speaking, Let me guide you toward finding and sustaining your core of happiness and expand your ability to live life choosing love over fear.

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Night of Insight.
What would love do?

Fourth Thursday of the month.
Cost is $40 Seating is limited
Contact Barb to register
Address provided upon registration.
Playing the Tibetan Singing Bowl as a tool, I connect with the Spirit of Love offering answers your questions and concerns
with wisdom and insight.

True Love Now and more
Groups, Classes Workshops
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Speaking Engagements
In Oregon, Pacific Northwest
Globally for Private Groups,
Business and Corporations.