A Course on Happiness – True Love Now

When: Thursdays, July 20th – August 31st (3-5 pm)
 Eugene. Address provided upon registration.


A Course on Happiness – “True Love Now”.

As we explore these 3 powerful words in our lives, we will develop, share and learn new tools to Be True, Be Love and Be Now. which are all part of Being Happy.

Be True: How do we discern what is true for us? When do we speak our piece of the truth? What holds us back from speaking our truth? Who are we as we live our truth?

Be Love: What would love do? Easy to love the lovable in others and ourselves. How do we love the “unlovable” in others and ourselves? What gets in the way of being Love? allowing Love, Trusting Love?

How to live and be “in the Now”. What does it mean to live fully in the moment? How do we have awareness of when we are not able or wanting to be present? What to do with that info and bring ourselves back to the present moment.

In order to sign up for this Thursday afternoon class, you must have previously taken a Course on Happiness class or have prior permission from me. There is room for 8-10 in my living room.

The cost is sliding scale $20-35 per session on a Pay it Forward basis.

Please RSVP or ask questions by e-mail at, or by calling/texting me 541-345-5058.