These 6-8 week classes are held two hours a week in a closed group setting of 8-10 people.

Introduction to Happiness Tools This class is designed to guide you toward finding and sustaining your core of happiness. You will learn tools for shifting your emotions to a better feeling place. In a small group setting, safety and trust will allow us to go deeper into feeling and expressing joy. While there is a flexible format, each class is also spirit-led and tailored to the individuals present. (This class is a pre-requisite for True Love Now.) The minimum contribution is $25 per week.

True Love NowAs we explore these 3 powerful words in our lives, we will develop, share and learn new tools to
Be True, Be Love and Be Now, which are all part of being happy. Be True: How do we discern what is true for us?  
When do we speak our piece of the truth? What holds us back from speaking our truth? Who are we as we live our truth? Be Love: What would love do? It is easy to love the lovable in others and ourselves, and how do we love the “unlovable” in others and ourselves? What gets in the way of being love, allowing love, trusting love? Be Now: Live and be in the now. What does it mean to live fully in the moment? How do we have awareness of when we are not able or wanting to be present? What might we do with that information to bring ourselves back to the present moment? You may register for this class if you have already completed a happiness class, or have prior permission from Barb. The minimum contribution is $25 per week.

: The length and size of these workshops/talks are adaptable for the intended audience.
Introduction to Happiness Toolsdescription above
True Love Nowdescription above

Shift Your Blues to Bliss – Feeling sad?  Have seasonal affect disorder? Winter/holiday blues got you down? This workshop will teach you to shift worry to wonder, when to love and accept yourself, and to let go of what others think and not personalize it. Learn to shift to a lighter feeling, let go of the expectation. In this 2 hour drop-in workshop you will learn to shift your winter or holiday blues to feelings of gratitude and joy. Build community, experience the oneness.

Love Is In The Air –In spring it’s often said that love is in the air. It’s all about new beginnings. Learning to truly love ourselves we learn to love all that is.
Take this spring opportunity to dedicate yourself to love. Start each day with,
What would love do?

BooHoo to WooHoo – In this grief workshop, explore accepting whatever you’re feeling while grieving. Join this safe environment to get the support you need in your grief process. Learn to be gentle with yourself and grieve at your own pace. Crying is part of the grieving process. It’s also okay to laugh. The relief that accompanies the expression of these emotions is your WooHoo.

Using Happiness Tools to Prevent Burnout – Are you feeling stressed at work? Taking your work home with you? Not sleeping well because of concern for your client/coworkers? Feeling like you need to do it perfectly? In this 2-4 hour workshop you will learn happiness tools to alleviate stress.


Learn ways to put yourself first, care for yourself, and prevent burnout. These same tools can also be used to recover from burnout. Learn the difference it can make when you shift your own thoughts and feelings, putting yourself first, so that you change your experience from within even as you provide care for others.


Evening of Upliftment – During this evening of upliftment, Barb transmits insight and wisdom in the spirit of happiness. The theme of the evening is “What Would Love Do?”
Each person is invited to write down one comment, question or concern. As the spirit of happiness speaks through her, the teachings that come forth are both deeply personal and universal. A question about where to move may inspire a teaching about discernment or finding one’s path. A concern about violence may become a teaching about peace and love. A comment about family may be expressed as a teaching about love and compassion. Join us for this amazing and truly uplifting experience.

Weekend workshops
These workshops meet on Friday evening, Saturday, and half of Sunday. In a small group setting, we are able to learn and experience happiness tools and ways of putting them into daily practice. Both Happiness Tools and True Love Now are available for weekend workshops.

Women’s Retreat Weekend: The retreat is the more intensive version of the weekend workshop because you spend two nights and three days at a retreat center. Locations and accommodations vary. Please see upcoming events for more details.

Happiness Coaching Sessions: These sessions for individual clients or couples focus on learning happiness tools. They involve ongoing coaching and support for incorporating these tools into your daily life.

** If you would like to host one of these workshops at your business or non profit,
in your community or home, please contact
Barb at 541-345-5058
or leave a message here.
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