“Hi Barb.I wanted to write you today to let you know that you are in my gratitude list this morning. It is certainly not the first time, but today feels especially big. Tomorrow I will be doing my first comp exams as a part of the CFT program, and, as I have been preparing, I continually hear your voice reminding me to “wonder, rather than worry” about what this process will be like. Actually, I hear your vast wisdom in all sorts of ways as I move through this program, and I know that in many ways I am able to be here because of strength, insight, and healing I have gained through my work with you. Your impact is felt in so many aspects of my life, and for that, as well as for your all-around goodness, I send you my gratitude.May your day be ever so lovely.”


“Thank you for facilitating such a healing, transformative weekend, Barb!”

Amanda Lynn

about the Yachats Yesvember Happiness Retreat

“Thank you, Barb! The day was phenomenal! Definitely not to be missed. Looking forward to sponsoring you again….”

Alida Birch

“Barb certainly facilitated an environment that we all felt connected and safe to share. I am so glad I decided to go – got more stepping stones of awareness for the spiritual journey we are all on!”


“At the Happiness Workshop in Crescent City, CA, October 26th, 2013, Judy asked Barb to work with her. Her “worry” turned-to-wonder was: my house is on the market and I have not had one offer or view. Barb worked with her as the rest of us supported Judy through our visioning of the best outcome for Judy and all involved. Judy is happy to report that following the positive and uplifting work from Brab, Judy has received an offer (sight unseen) and now is in Escrow! This is a wonderful workshop. Tools for shifting one’s perception and energy is invaluable!”


“Barb Ryan is a woman of giant sized heart who meets people of all kinds with ease, curiosity, and delight. She is deeply connected to the Earth and nature. She is generous of spirit and laughs with a hot-fudge richness, bringing empathy yet lightness to the absurdities that cause us pain in our lives but without an ounce of judgment. She spreads a trail of happiness as she goes and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she ends up changing the world while she’s at it! Give yourself a treat and join Barb and the wonderful groups of people she draws to herself in a Happiness event – you’ll be glad you did!”

Debra Fant

Life Coach and Aromatherapist

“I already had a level of stability and happiness in my own life that few others in my family have enjoyed. It felt like I should just be grateful, since it really is so much more. In my own healing process I had less chaos in my life and more understanding of myself. I had stability and a more restored sense of self, but not happiness. This class helped me to expand, just a little at a time–just moment by moment, my capacity for happiness. I have a well developed threshold for pain and suffering, but a less developed threshold for pleasure and goodness. The class helped me understand that this stretching is just a skill like any other. I can practice feeling a little more happy and then a little more than that and these gradual shifts have made a difference in my life over all.”


“I attended my first Happy Day on June 18, 2011 and began a journey of Spiraling Toward Joy that has, subsequently, profoundly changed my life. In the groups I have since attended, I have gained tools that have helped me, in any circumstance, to shift to a place that is, if not totally happy, at least happier. I now have a deeply-held and conscious awareness that a state of happiness is, for the first time in my life, not only possible but imminently available!”


“Yes indeed!!! the happiness group was a great inspiration for me…..it was one of the most important tools i used for this last transition with the autumn equinox………for whatever reason -it was much more difficult than usual this year and the happiness group was such a great support. i made new friends and tried new techniques……….. i got out there and discovered a little bit more about myself!!!! thank you very much!!!


“Thank you for presenting your workshop Spiraling Toward Joy in Florence, OR. Your expertise, experience, warmth, and caring shows in the work you do. The simple yet effective tools you shared are easy to implement and remember. I am currently in the process of removing the word “worry” from my psyche. I look forward to attending another workshop and become even more HAPPY!””Thank you for presenting your workshop Spiraling Toward Joy in Florence, OR. Your expertise, experience, warmth, and caring shows in the work you do. The simple yet effective tools you shared are easy to implement and remember. I am currently in the process of removing the word “worry” from my psyche. I look forward to attending another workshop and become even more HAPPY!”


“Guidess of Happiness” is a perfect title for Barb! Our circle of women were gently guided by her miracle tools-for-living to spiral upwards, to see and embrace the inherent well-being flowing through the Universe. Step-by-step, we learned that it is possible to change worry into wonder, to shift sadness into peace, and balance fear with gratitude. This journey helped to open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the infinite possibilities that lay before us on our own paths toward personal growth and unity with life. THANK YOU, Barb, for the Great Gift of sharing divine truth and healing together.

Diana, Jilly, Linda, Lynda, Teri, Shelly, Mary Jane, Anna, Julie

Joyful Goddesses of Flow Town and Yachats!

“I would be HAPPY to say that I came to this event wondering what someone could teach me about Happiness…and I experienced a profound moment that shifted the way I look at ME and my life. It was a pay it forward event and I felt compelled by the excellence of this experience to give all I had with me to give in the hope that others will take advantage of this loving and delightful experiential learning environment. Barb Ryan is so kind and gentle and yet clear and concise as a teacher that made it wonderful to learn from her about ME, even the difficult things I learned. This life event I shared with other like minded individuals was an amazing ascension to a new level of JOY! Give yourself this gift you deserve it… ~ ~Infinite Love and Gratitude”

Mary Kay

“During this workshop I learned strategies that will assist me in staying in or returning more quickly to my happiness zone. One skill was called wondering. Instead of using the word worry or concern, which Barb helped us to see was negative in connotation and constricting, use the word wondering. I wonder how it will look when…. I wonder how it will feel…. Even though….happened I know….to be true. They were different tools to change our thinking which changes how we feel. Barb led us through exercises and allowed us to experience movement towards happiness in a peaceful, loving and safe place. We experienced shared healing by going through a process with a fellow workshop member. Due to our Oneness and interconnectivity, we healed ourselves as the person doing the strategy with Barb was healing. There was no need to give out lots of details or specifics, as in not doing so kept the process more universal and applicable to us all. Thanks for all you do and for being you! I hope you can come down and do another workshop with us!!!


“Thanks, Barb, for very practical suggestions and solutions to know greater happiness.”

Dean Frock

(referring to the online videos)