Here, then,
the sacred Tone
Brings us to Peace
brings us to Home;
here, then,
the Bowl is rung
the Heart is healed
the Word is sung.
The Mother becomes the Bowl
and we, in our Heart tapping,
bring into resonance and harmony
Her sacred Soul,
~ Devlyn Y.

One heart beating
and the beating resonating
like harp strings
one to another
connecting to each and all –
no limitations ~
and expeeriencing
an awesome Stillness –
a beingness of Attending
to Something beyond,
manifesting Here.
~ Devlyn Y.

i am radiating
no longer hesitating
walking lightly through the gates
the guards are sleeping
the Guidess keeping
sacred sound where joy awaits;
in remember
in glowing embers
the Fire of Friends connecting NOW –
where harmonies bless
deep happiness
and all our hearts are filled with WOW.
~ Devlyn Y.

H earing the heart
A ffirming the self
P roclaiming, “I am!”
P aying it forward
I nviting happy choices into my decisions
N uminous sparklies of hope and friends
E xperiencing the actual feeling of “happier”
S ensing the possibility of another Door
S tepping up the Spiral of Joy.
~ Devlyn Y.

Here are some of the uplifting poems that some of the Course on Happiness participants have been inspired to write – often spontaneously in the middle of class.
My presence
in this moment is genuine
I am present
in my freedom
and free
in my present
I make room
for all that I need.
~ Mirranda W.